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The Finnish Early Music Association

The Finnish Early Music Association was established in 2013 to promote early music in Finland and to rally those engaged with it: professionals, amateurs, groups, ensembles, organisations, and festivals. Its goal is to develop Finland’s early music scene as a whole and promote cooperation by organising e.g. networking events.

The website of the Finnish Early Music Association is an extensive meeting point for all engaged with early music. We wish to expand Finland’s early music scene and create opportunities for collaboration and networking between different regions, areas, and agents. Our target group also includes instrument makers, historical dancers and all those interested in early music and culture.

The website aims at creating a strong early music community where one can share expertise and promote one’s activities. An important goal is also to spread information about early music amongst the general public and to raise interest for early music in general.

The board of trustees 2022

Jukka Rautasalo, president puheenjohtaja@svamuli.fi
Anna Pulakka, treasurer
Sanna Kola
Anthony Marini
Kaisa Ruotsalainen
Maria Saari
Markus Sarantola
Armi Temmes
Aura Visala

Anna Pohjola
Teea Pospiech

Editor in chief: Auli Särkiö-Pitkänen (web pages, blog, event calendar, notice board) paatoimittaja@svamuli.fi